Volunteer Work Week A Success!

A brief but heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped make Fall Work Week 2005 the success it was. We accomplished everything we set out to do plus a few items, the AMC staff went away smiling, and we logged nearly 300 hours of volunteer labor. AND we found time to "kick back."

This year's croo included caretakers Art and Joan Gulovsen and Chuck "I'm wearing my mosquito tee-shirt so this must be Thursday" McFarland, helping to support the volunteer work crew of John Drum, Rick Dumont, Michael Glen, Ned McFarland, Ned's friend Lisa, Tom Merrow, Fred Nichols (croo '56–'58), Russ Peck, Peter Schneider, Bob Tanguay, and Yours Truly. Our work output is all the more commendable in light of the fact that we had four no-shows, and four folks only joining us for part of the week.

Submitted by Stroker, Volunteer Coordinator