New Plans for Rec Hall

sketch of the rec hall redesign

After several months of deliberation, with input from last year's campers, the TMI Committee decided to renovate the Rec Hall on the main dock. Many campers were disappointed, since proposed designs for replacing it (see sketch) included many improvements over the current structure. Unfortunately, a new building would be too expensive.

That was the situation before one of our Winnipesaukee neighbors made the redesign a reality. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has generously offered to make our Rec Hall every bit as posh as the garage under construction at his other vacation home. (Of course, our structure will not feature an elevator.)

Romney advisor Eric Fehrnstrom points out that if even 10 to 20 campers are grateful enough to vote for Mr. Romney in November, these will be some of the cheaper votes he has bought. And, Mr. Fehrnstrom adds, "Mitt knows it is time to start preparing for the 2016 New Hampshire primaries."

See blueprints of the redesigned Rec Hall and more of Fehrnstrom's candid observations.

Update: When asked to comment, President Obama noted that even the redesigned Rec Hall will be less luxurious than the compound where Osama Bin Laden was living.