Lights, Camera, Relaxation!

Who will be in the director's chair this summer?

NH Public Television was overwhelmed by the surprise success of WIllem Lange's Camping on Three Mile Island video. This show, highlighting all the reasons that campers love the island and return year after year, made a big impression on a lot of people.

In particular, it made a big impression on some executives at CBS. The network that made Survivor wants to produce a different sort of reality TV show.

Plans are constantly changing, but it will all come together soon. The format is likely to involve a different celebrity on the island each week. Imagine Greg Louganis taking some dives off of Wicked High, and coaching the Croo on their technique. Or Martha Stewart giving tips on cabin decorating and the perfect way to fold a deer hat.

In addition to the usual AMC liability waiver, all TMI campers this summer will be asked to sign an Audio/video release form. Please download a copy of this form and bring it with you when you visit.