What to Bring

Clothing: should be informal and planned for outdoor living. Comfortable shoes for rocky path walking, warm clothes for cool weather, and rain clothes are necessities. More than one bathing suit is desirable for the frequent swimmer.

Light: There is electricity at the Change House, Main House and Retreat. The cabins are equipped with kerosene lanterns. Each camper should bring along at least one reliable flashlight for night travel. Gas lanterns are brought by some campers to supplement flashlights or kerosene lanterns in the cabins. Batteries are available at the camp store.

Toiletries: There are solar showers provided at each cabin. Please bathe away from the lake with biodegradable soap only (available at the camp store). Bath towels are provided, but many prefer to also bring their own beach towels for the dock. Sunscreen and insect repellent is available at the camp store.

Games and books are available in the Main House, but many campers bring their own. Parents should consider having some materials to entertain children on rainy days.

For a printable version, download our Three Mile Preparation List.