Changes on the dock!

Main Dock with cooling tower

According to the Sustainability Report (page 9), the camp consumes 24 MW-hours of electricity each year, producing 22 tons of CO2. No more! Thanks to our sound fiscal management and the current "buyer's market" in the construction industry, we were able to install a small nuclear reactor on the site of the former tennis court. From now on, TMI will benefit from carbon-free electricity. During the off season, we plan to sell our excess capacity to Meredith or Wolfboro.

During Croo Week (June 19–26) we will run pipes from the reactor to the Kivvie Pool, converting it into a hot tub. Contact Stroker Rogovin if you would like to help with this project.

When friends look askance at your "Three Mile Island" T-shirts, you will no longer be able to say, "not the one with a nuclear reactor."

For more details, see the Sustainability Projects page.

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